Thursday, January 10, 2013

After fraud messages about winning money, it is time for fraud calls!

Today I received a phone call from 9161765660, saying I won 50000 in some lucky draw. I told I do not want to take the money. But that girl who called became very sarcastic/rude after that. Do not believe in these kind of messages/calls.

She: Lucky draw pe aapaka number nikla hai aur inaam me 50000 rupayee de rahe hai. Aapko lena hai? 
Me:  Nahi
She: 50000 rupaye kam hai kya aapke liye?
Me: Haan
She: Bahut paisewali ho kya?
Me: Haan
She: To phir hame bhi 1000 de do
Me: Idhar aa jao, de deti hoon
She: Itna hi paisa hai to mere number pe 1000 ka recharge karwa do
Me: Tum idhar aa jao de deti hoon
She: Tumhare liye 50000 kam hai, to 1000 to 1 rs ke barabar hoga, recharge karwa do
Me: Nahi, tum bangalore aao, cash dene ke liye tayyar hoon
She: Bangalore kahan hai ye hame pata nahi hai, recharge kardo 
Me: Silent 
She: Aise hi, sukha sukha, haath me paise nahi hai phir bhi bol rahe ho 50000 kam hai
Me: silent
She: agar itna hi paisa hai to recharge karwa do
Me: tum idhar aao to paise dene ke liye tayyar hoon, tumse koyi paise nahi lena, bye

And I cut the call.
She is calling me to cheat me and she is having so much attitude. I wanted to check if anybody else has faced same issue and found this : 
Please do not believe in these kind of phone calls. 


Badarinath Palavalli said...

These days na, too much. :(

nenapina sanchy inda said...

yes!! first i ask them where did they get my number and these calls come to the landline. when we refuse their gift they go all rude and mean.
malathi S