Thursday, December 4, 2008

My experiments with cooking!!

It is three months since I moved to new home!
Now, I am learning to cook!! Or, I can say experimenting! :-)
If I write a book on this, I know my roommates will definitely write a boot titled "Victims of Jyothi's cooking". Pray for their health ;-)
Let me make a list of what all I prepared in these days:
I made Palya of these vegetables: Beans, potato, alasande, banana, cabbage, pumpkin etc etc!
I cook either rice or chapathi almost everyday. Saturday sunday is full experimenting!!
Prepared godhi/raagi dose, sajjige rotti, etc.
The biggest experiment was Rama & mine Pizza!! It came out pretty well!

Thanks to the head cook Uma & Amma for all the instructions.
I am writing this blog after preparing rice, potato palya and rasam.
I hope my roommates survive this too. :-)


karthik said...

Hmmm coool... Learning by experiment is always interesting...

PaLa said...

>>sajjige rotti
are u from south canera/udupi?

Anonymous said...

Correct! I am from Puttur, which is in South canara..

ವನಿತಾ said...

Nice to read that..& always experimenting is fun & the pleasure u get is really amazing.!!