Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just miss!

Today after coming back from office I was taking lift to my flat which is in 3rd floor.
Usually I avoid taking lift(only in apartment) because I am scared of power going and myself getting stuck in lift, waiting for power to come back!
Today I was very tired and sleepy. So took the lift.
As soon as it reached 3rd floor, it was dark in the lift!! Power gone!
It was exactly on 3rd floor, not even a cm above or below the mark!
Opened the door and came home and typing this crap!! 
Just miss, isn't it?


karthik said...

Even that happens, you need not worry much. There will be an Alarm inside lift. You can use it

Anonymous said...

That does not work properly in our apartment! There were 2 people stuck in the lift for an hour!!!