Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paani poori!

I was feeling like having Paani poori yesterday(Strange feeling is it?). As I had some work in forum road I was happy that I would get to eat it :-)
I saw one guy selling paani poori in the same road! Two more people came to have paani poori at same time. There was and uncle who started conversing with the paani poori guy when he started giving us pooris.
Uncle: Bihar se ho?
Paani poori guy: UP Se
U: UP me kahan?
P: Allahabad
U: To Amitabh Bachchan ke yahan se ho?
He just smiled.
U: To tum aur Amitabh ek hi gaon ke ho?
P: Hume kya malum woh kis gaon se hai?
Me: Bhaiyaa meetha banana..
P: Theekha hai? 
And then he started giving meetha paani poori. It was very tasty:-).
After we finished having I gave him 100rs note. He did not have change.
Surprisingly he says "madam next time dena" and returns my 100rs note. Isn't it surprising? This happened in the same city where other vendors/autowalas take 10-20 rs extra saying "No change!". 
Finally I went to another churumuri gaadi got change and gave him. He probably did not expect that and he was very happy.
He said thanks gave a very nice smile.
Then I moved on to my home in an auto!

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Balakrishna said...

Corrupt memories can remember conversation between two strangers ! Crazy Jin !! You pay a lot of attention to detail :-)