Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finally anthakshari!

We finally played anthakshari in cisco! Same team- me,kunal and amit.
And our team name "Besure"! Everybody agreed with this when we sang!
Preliminary round was written, where they asked some weird questions and we made it into the finals!

6 rounds in finals.

1st round: Maati ke laal
Sing patriotic song. I suggested sarfaroshi ki tamanna, but finally ended up singing Jahan daal daal par sone ki..
+100 points

2nd round: Don't remember the name!
They played a muted video and we had to identify the song. We could see shammi kapoor dancing and helen running all around. Pretty easy, isn't it?
Amit was about to sing aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke, but me & kunal stopped him and sang oh haseena zulfonwali....
+200 points

3rd round: Angrezi me kehte hai ki..
Host would translate a song to english and tell the lines of the song. We had to identify the song.
Line1 "When will you come my dream girl?" and that was enough to get the song.
We sang Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu...
+200 points

4th round: Copycat
There are many movies whose names are same old movies for example barsaat!
So, host would sing a song from the new/old movie and we have to identify the movie, and sing a song from the new movie if he sang movie from old movie and vice versa.
He sang song from new movie: Shalala baby..
None of us remembered the movie! So, we thought of asking the host only the name which leads to -50 points!
He said Andaaz. Again all of us started thinking which movie this was!
Suddenly amit came with the song Hai na bolo bolo and it was right!

5th round: Don't remember the name!
They would play the prelude and we have to sing the full mukhda with perfect lyrics!
We got both the preludes right!
Songs: Jaadu hai nasha hai... and one more which I don't remember now!
+300 points
So now we are at 850 points tied in first place with 2 other teams!
Last and decider round!

6th round: Baazi lagaa
They would play a clip which has a prelude, mukhda, instrumental and one more prelude.
But scores were complicated! We had to bet how many songs we will get right before starting the round, so this time we thought we will not take any risk and bet for 3.

Songs were very simple!
prelude: rahon me unse...
mukhda: dakha na, hai re socha na..
instrumental: kya yahi pyaar hai..
prelude: pappu can't dance saal
+500 points

Now our total score:1350! Tie with another team on first place!
Now tie breaker, they would play preludes and we had to identify the songs.
First one both the team got: mujhe rang de mujhe rang de..
Next one, oh oh we dint get and the other team got: Aao huzur tumko..

So finally ended up on 2nd place! Enjoyed it very much :-)
Prize: 500rs gift voucher from landmark! coool.. I can buy some more books or TZP DVD!
Spent very nice time playing it.
Thanks to GSP team for organizing it!

Team besure:


karthik said...

Wow!!! Great congratulations dear.

Anonymous said...

thank you :-)