Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sarkar RAJ

Nice first topic to start, isn't it?
First step towards blog! Might be the last one too if i loose interest :-P
I watched Sarkar Raj yesterday. Went to PVR with friends.
Expected a lot from the movie! Which is always a bad thing to do while going for a movie...
Did not like it as much as Sarkar.
It had nice dialogues, good acting by Bachchan family, but it lacked something.. Background score? Strong story line? Yes, it did lack something.
I liked Amitabh bachchans acting in this movie. I could feel that he is losing the power and Abhishek is taking it. Whenever Abhishek says "Sambhaal loongaa", the expression on Amitabh's face was worth watching.
There are some dumb characters too in the movie! Avanthika(Abhi's wife) had nothing to do in the movie other than dying! Somjee was shown drinking water all the time! I was thinking how much water can he drink!! Billoo(security in chief!) had almost no expression on his face.
All and all you can watch this movie once.
And of course you can expect Sarkar Part3(Sarkar Rani??) and Sarkar Part4(Sarkar Cheeku??) ;-)

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